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Staffed with physical therapists who are also certified Pilates instructors, Pilates at Physical Therapy Care is the ideal place for those seeking rehabilitation following an injury. Because Pilates improves strength, flexibility, muscle control, coordination, balance and breath, this method integrates perfectly with physical therapy rehabilitation, where the primary goal is to restore a person to his or her previous functional level.

Conveniently located within our Physical Therapy Care rehabilitation facility, and equipped with Balanced Body Clinical Reformers which accommodate people of virtually any height and ability, our Pilates studio can facilitate the safe and rapid rehabilitation of people with orthopedic, neurological and chronic pain conditions.

After an initial assessment, your physical therapist will create a treatment program which may include a variety of modalities and manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase joint range of motion, as well as education in proper posture and or body mechanics during functional activities of daily living. When indicated, your therapeutic exercise program will progress to Pilates exercises, focusing specifically to improve the strength, mobility, balance and coordination of the impaired areas.

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