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Private and semi-private Pilates sessions are wonderful for any level of experience. While one-on-one session are an ideal way to guide you in beginning your Pilates experience, they are also helpful if you're interested in individual fine tuning, bringing your work to a deeper level, or learning fun new exercises.

Semi-private sessions are perfect for friends, spouses, or relatives that enjoy learning together and motivating one another. Many people find that having a workout partner helps to hold them accountable and provides additional support all while increasing the enjoyment of the session.

Either of these options allows the instructor to tailor the session to you or you and your partner. If you have specific goals, wether it is getting up from the floor more easily or cross training for your next marathon, your instructor will be able to focus the program on those individual needs leading to more rapid progress. Private and semi-private sessions are also an comfortable and safe way to learn modifications for current injuries and/or limitations before entering a group class setting. "

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